Convincing evidence of an alien plate on Mars

Convincing evidence of an alien plate on Mars


A new study published in the Space Discovery Magazine titled „Cydonian Canyon: Elephant Geology, Quadratic Geometry, and Pythagoras and Dirac’s Reactions?“ Added further evidence on extraterrestrial aircraft and Mars. The main prerequisite of the article is that these structures, if they are truly extraterrestrial, show elegance by intelligent creatures who control things such as geometry, primes, quantum mechanics, electrons,

The initial analysis, published in the 1999 research paper, was conducted by Dr. Horace Cather, professor of physics at the Tennessee Space Institute (Utsi), along with Professor Stanley V. McDaniel. Only pictures from 1976 from Viking were available during this time. They had a resolution of 47 meters per pixel. In 2006, the European Space Agency (ESA) photographed the same area with a better resolution that confirms everything in the photos before, only in better quality.

Is there a question, did NASA know about this information from 1976? According to information from the staff who worked inside, NASA is not always frank and says things not according to whether they are true, but according to how they think people are prepared for specific information.