Europeans are perhaps truly offspring of beings from outer space

Europeans are perhaps truly offspring of beings from outer space


Classical science has suffered another defeat that she does not know. Long-term DNA research to answer the question of where Europeans actually come from has revealed a mystery that has not yet been solved. In the genetic history of the current inhabitants of many European countries, including the Czech Republic, the hole is like thunder and almost wants to say that we do not have ancestors, but we fell from somewhere in the sky.

Approximately 15,000 years ago, Europe began to recover slowly from the last ice age, which experts call the würm (according to one of the Alpine rivers). For reasons we do not know, then the population of hunters and pickers has disappeared. Could she have an epidemic? Or did the people at that time not manage to cope with the change in climatic conditions that occurred after they gradually warmed up? However, these „Praevropans“ were still able to take their legs on their shoulders, or sit down in the ships and fly off the direction of Asia and Australia, because their DNA is found in indigenous peoples in some areas of these continents. This knowledge is worth thinking about: The heroes of Eduard Štorch’s novels, who, not only by this writer but also by many serious scientists, they understood in a very primitive way, managed to organize an exodus representing a journey of many thousands of kilometers. But why not to the Australian shores when it’s closer to Africa or America?

So the genetic information of these „pilgrims“ from the European population disappears and a new civilization with a completely unknown genetic code appears on the scene. We do not know where she came from and who she actually was. Some theories speak of it probably from southeastern Europe, but that would not be unknown, because there would be some traces left behind. So where did our ancestors take our ancestors? That he would eventually have the truth of Erich von Däniken and his followers, when he does not want to give up the idea that in the past of mankind a population that has arrived from the universe and has significantly influenced other historical development? And did these „cosmans“ out of their home planet have any epidemic or disaster, or was it a genetic experiment? The answers are missing again.

However, in today’s racially disturbed time, the research findings, which took place under the auspices of the Max Planck Institute of Munich, are rather shaky goods. A white spot in our own history, of course, leaves room for speculation whether the European population is by chance not entitled to exclusivity when it has such a mysterious origin. And perhaps here is the answer to why we in Europe, particularly in the middle, are so desperate for the coming of other cultures. What is commonly called hate can only be the genetic heritage of a certain exclusivity.

Perhaps we will find a completely prosaic answer that will find some relatives on our planet somewhere on our planet, and we will be able to say with calmness in our hearts: That’s where we came from.