From KGB secret files: Aliens

From KGB secret files: Aliens


From secret KGB files: Sverdlov dwarf
The details of the collapse of an unknown building in Russia at the end of 1968 are scrawny, so they may seem somewhat suspicious. But we must bear in mind that the Russian secret service of the KGB was very hard to conceal the facts.

However, it is true that during the 1990s the KGB took a favorable step, unlike the Americans, and released some of its UFO cases and related phenomena from its files.

However, the „Sverdlov UFO“ did not belong to this category. This case was „smuggled“ to the light from secret KGB bundles. It is reported that $ 10,000 has been paid for this „information“. The secret was the first to be made available to the public through the TNT special program titled „The Secret of the KGB File on UFO,“ broadcast on September 13, 1998 in the United States. The show featured an unusual film about an extraterrestrial body and other things. The show was accompanied by American actor Roger Moore, one of James Bond’s first representatives.

The event, referred to as the Sverdlov UFO or the Dwarf, according to the writings, took place near the city of Yekaterinburg, in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia in the then Soviet Union. The collapse of an unknown object was recorded at the end of 1968. No exact date is given. Instead of impact, the Russian army was assured, and one dead creature was reportedly found in the wreck. The debris of the ship and the dead body were transported to a secret place. Both the photographic images of the ship, its transport, and the film footage were taken.