Message and prophecy of the celestials! Humanity today, in the face visor...

Message and prophecy of the celestials! Humanity today, in the face visor to an end.


Events will gain momentum in the Far East and then unfold across the globe. They will happen terrible things. You should not think that is exciting for us to watch this terrible suffering. Man it frankly causes alone. But we know how the whole thing will end.

Humanity today, in the face visor to an end. And they will never want to hear when it came to spiritual topics. Materialist understanding of man is so huge that mean something to him only economic and material gains. In the case of his relatives, a man can not do anything. Millions of people on Earth can not meet their daily needs, despite the fact that all people might have in abundance. Look what you have wasted by wars and unnecessary military building materials of all kinds. Try to see what you’ve done burning corn in order to maintain high prices. Try to look at your production. Produce to produce and keep producing, they can consistently sell. This state of affairs must stop. The most dangerous is for you the fact that you have forces that can infest the earth. That’s why you’re near the end.

What will happen now is the fulfillment of the law. Humanity has reached a knowledge that does not
spiritually. It got so bad that it is not able to continue on the path that it took – and přežít.Člověk has free will. That’s why he was allowed to go so far. For the same reason, it will be allowed to go after prescribe the latest border. He will be permitted to turn hatred against himself. It will be allowed to be struck by the hatred which he cultivated around.

 It will be for humanity resulting in the most terrible disaster. Nuclear war that will bring horror and suffering.
Man wants to build himself on God instead. Intervenes in nature, so it managed according to their wishes. If a person enters a different way, based on another assumption, the assumption of divinity, it behaves quite differently to nature than it does – forcing Nature to serve selfish minds. A selfish mind does not show any kind of consideration.

Selfish mind creates its own laws. They are trying to enforce their own egocentric model. Therefore, the human disaster strikes,
Monetary system on Earth is the result of selfishness, baseness and principles killing – nothing else.

The principle which man lives and by which he lives, is the inheritance and pendant from the animal kingdom. Animals must be the leader of the herd. Inside the animal world’s strongest right. This is true for mammals, birds and fish. I explained that I lived like a flock. People killed en masse. The herd instinct must be completely erased.

Regarding the hierarchy of law, it is necessary to understand its function. Absolute unselfishness and absolute dedication and altruism are absolute cosmic law, on which is built the future.