NASA confirms that it is in contact with extraterrestrial races and only...

NASA confirms that it is in contact with extraterrestrial races and only about it „forgot“ to mention!


According to recent reports, Trish Chamberson, the official spokesman of NASA, confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life and argues that alien races visiting planet Earth for thousands of years.

NASA spokesman confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials. During the two-hour briefing Chamberson confirmed that numerous theories that have been recently dismissed as baseless speculation peripheral enthusiasts, is actually based on reality. Chamberson said during an interview several sensational allegations including that the aliens, known as Greys, visiting earth for thousands of years and that may have played a role in the construction of some monumental structures such as the pyramids of Giza and various other buildings scattered around the world.

Contact with aliens? It’s about them so many films, documentaries and television programs that we thought that now everyone knows about it.
Chamberson continued confirmation of the many theories about extraterrestrial career working on solar system objects. She mentioned that one of the logging takes place on the dark side of the moon and various planets of the solar system are valuable to them in terms of mineral resources. Finally, she added that the aliens began mining on Jupiter, which explains why around him, we suddenly see a lot of new rings.

Excuse us. Somehow, we assumed that about everyone already knew.
Chamberson also mentioned that NASA is in regular contact with at least four different and completely separate extraterrestrial races from various places in the galaxy. They argue that all contact with alien species is a friendly character. Although the aliens with human  no conflict Chamberson adds that expressed concern about the manufacture and testing of nuclear weapons that could be causing incalculable consequences not only for life on earth, but for different races and nations throughout the galaxy.

The aliens are actually harmless, and their interest is focused only on the natural resources of the planet.
However Chamberson refrain talk about that aliens are responsible for kidnapping of human beings. She said that the aliens are totally harmless and their only interest on Earth are its natural resources.

We were so busy with their technology that we simply forgot. They even have a base on the far side of the Moon is already running their mining on multiple planets of the solar system. Now with that began on Jupiter, you can also infer by his new rings. Even though it’s all right, it’s a good bunch. He does not say, but always complain about