There was another universe before the Big Bang

There was another universe before the Big Bang


The new scientific theory claims that there was another universe before the Big Bang. Moreover, once the inevitable collapse of our universe occurs, the universe will appear new. This new cosmological model offers another insight into what might have existed before the beginning of the universe.

„The big bang does not really cost the creation of the universe, it’s only a transitional phase.“ There were more universes before our universe, and so on.

It is believed that around 13.7 billion years ago, the universe was created after the Big Bang. But what was the Big Bang? Was there anything at all? Can this question be answered at the scientific level at all?

A team of scientists may have come up with a fascinating new model, according to which our universe is part of a cycle of many universes. Each of them has its own phase of expansion and contraction.

A study, published on containing articles pending review reviews, examines the state before the Big Bang and allows for the emergence of cosmology in the run-up to this event.