VIDEO: The UFO researcher has captured a flyover of an unknown object...

VIDEO: The UFO researcher has captured a flyover of an unknown object in front of the Moon


UFOs and extraterrestrial (ET) phenomena have gained popularity in recent years, especially thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Numerous government agencies have unveiled a tremendous amount of documents that reveal not only the existence of ET but also information on how often they are recorded. Even though you are not familiar with this evidence, there is more and more people who are convinced that we are not alone in the universe.

After all, the Milky Way itself has been discovered on thousands of Earth-like planets that are potentially inhabited. With this logic, it is extremely unlikely that we are the only species inhabiting one of these planets. However, with the growing number of UFO documented observations and witness statements about the existence of ET, this issue is no longer controversial.

Of course, observing UFOs does not necessarily mean it’s ETV. It can be an artificially made machine on Earth imitating the behavior of real ETVs.

A few days ago, the YT channel released SecureTeam10 released a video alert to an unknown flying object (UFO) moving in front of the moon’s disk. The video was taken at the Oman Observatory in the Middle East. SecureTeam10 is a group of experts engaged in analyzing UFO video clips. The results of their work are given to YT. The video moderator tries to objectively assess that an object could actually be from ETV, through an unknown flying object (UFO) to a meteorite.

The moderator states that we can see a cloud of smoke behind the object and that the whole object is heading toward the moon. For comparison, it shows how it looks when a normal commercial airplane crosses the moon. By comparison, it is obvious that this is different.

As always, it is interesting that such a record has not produced any response in the mainstream media. But maybe it’s because it’s such a sensitive topic that it’s easier to put your head in the sand and look like it’s not. This does not mean, however, that people are not interested in this type of content. If anything appears, notice the significant changes in your comments under such articles. More and more comments are being made of people who are clearly confined to the question of the existence of ETs and any other ridicule or rejection of this issue.

It is obviously one of the few ways to achieve the desired effect of the final revelation to which we are heading. This is also apparent from the fact that the FBI’s most popular declassified document is a note about the UFO crash that occurred in New Mexico in 1947 (the so-called Roswell Incident). This document has been viewed more than a million times, even though it is long on a single sheet of paper. Contains information about flying saucers – a theme that fascinates us all.

Despite the increasing levels of availability of credible witnesses and evidence, in the form of declassified government documents, the mainstream media and the various governmental organizations try to keep us in the dark. For example, in 01.2015, NASA blocked broadcast access, where a small gray object suddenly appeared and then disappeared. NASA has not issued any explanatory statement whether it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETV) or not. It’s just a UFO. Again, this is evidence that NASA is censoring broadcasting and editing pictures (video and photographs) that it sends to the public.

Further proof is the record of 09.07.2016. It’s another video coming from the International Space Station (ISS) showing an object entering the Earth’s atmosphere followed by an instant cut. Again, we can not say for sure whether this is an ETV, but it can be said with certainty that it was UFO and that NASA again interrupted the live (lying?) Broadcast again. NASA is trying to prevent the public from learning more about the existence of an ET on our planet. Someone may still be asking: Why would they do that? Why would such a thing be hidden and how it is possible that none of the direct witnesses will come to the media, would it be a sensation …?

If you still ask these questions and you are still returning similar thoughts, you are certainly on the right track to see many secrets of the corner under the UFO sticker or, more precisely, the Exopolitik. But keep in mind that so many people on the streets, the tram, the bus, your work … do not think. No one gave them any reason to think about it or to tune in at all. Therefore direct confrontation with such a phenomenon would still be a major psychological shock to them. Even for many people who are able to stop at least on the topic, it is very difficult to admit that we are the victims of one great historical lie that has been spreading across centuries.

An absolutely crucial issue with the issue of the presence of aliens on our planet is the issue of technology, as it is quite likely that their lifestyle (ET lifestyle) is not based on the values ​​of commercialism and the market economy. That is, the principles that allow for the global control of people and the form of seclusion. This is why the theme of Free Energy is inherently associated with this phenomenon. At a time when technology is available to allow unrestricted, uncontrolled energy access, a pyramid (airplane) game will eventually be coupled with money covered by debt, ruining like a house of cards. Another key issue is all forms of fundamentalist religion, including Orthodox science. That’s why open discussion and communication on these topics is very important. At the same time, a very important pressure on state institutions to publish classified evidence and, in particular, to make available technologies that have been extracted from alien wrecks.

The number of people who have high social credit (civilian civil servants, military personnel, astronauts, police officers, firefighters, doctors, scientists … etc) willing to give testimony or at least seriously discuss this phenomenon is increasing every year. An example may be former US Democratic senator Mike Gravel, who said: „Something is being watched on our planet. It is so very cautious, because we are a very warring planet. “

It’s not the first time, not the last time, someone commented on the fact that we are not alone in the universe and that aliens are looking at us. The topic of Declared Documents is dedicated to a separate subject as well as a personal testimony.

There is written evidence as well as video records that confirm that ETs intervened during the Earth Wars. Many high-ranking military informants testified in this area: „In one case during the Cold War in 1961, about 50 ETVs were observed in the formation flying south of Russia across Europe. The Supreme Commander of Communism was very concerned, and was ready to press the panic alarm button when the objects turned and returned back through the North Pole. They tried to investigate for three years. They have come to the utmost certainty that there are at least four alien species that have been visiting our planet for thousands of years. In the last few decades, ET activity has increased particularly in connection with the use of atomic bombs. ETs are very concerned that we could use nuclear weapons repeatedly because the whole universe is in unity. What we do is not only about us but also about other beings. They are afraid we could start using the atomic weapons again, which would be very bad, not only for us, but it would negatively affect them. “

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian defense minister, said: „Yes, there were several crashed boats and bodies in them. … We are not alone in the Universe, they have been with us for a long time. … It is the undisputed truth that we have been visited by other beings on our planet and that the UFO / ET phenomenon is real. “

Dr. Edgar Mitchell (a member of the Apollo 14 missionary, the sixth man walking on the Moon) has often stressed that he personally spoke the trusted witnesses of the Roswell incident. He also mentioned that he had written evidence in his hand that clearly demonstrates that the American government (and perhaps other world governments, too) alienate the presence of aliens on the planet Earth.

We recently published translations of interviews between Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta. There are more tons of documents that have been declassified in recent years, and which clearly show that ET life is absolutely real. One document, which is particularly remarkable, is a file from the FBI public archive. This document directly describes the issues associated with ET. As an example, I’m referring to Object 6751 – Top Secret!

Obviously, there is still something to be discovered. That there are still many unchecked and many classified. It should also be borne in mind that many true information that has leaked (whether deliberately or through informants) is deliberately drowned in the ballast of disinformation and half-truths that help the mainstream in mocking reality.

I am convinced that everything has its purpose and the deeper reason why things are happening in a way that we are experiencing now in a common dream. As I said above, it is certainly a huge fear of the unknown. Fear of admitting that we were oblige by someone standing behind the curtain – that in a sense we are slaves of a system that has been built for us like that expressed in Hollywood movies: the Matrix or the Thirteenth Floor.

However, I think it is a big historical mistake that the government should decide the fate of people – about what they will or will not know. It is a great mistake to build into a role where people serve the system (government, state administration, etc.) and not when the system serves people. What more is to be directly responsible to people, for we are the ones who give it energy, attention (and money).

I believe that it is our right to request information from government archives that it is our right to demand public discussion in the mainstream media. Discussions led by people who actually know something about the issue – have their informants. We are in the middle of the process of revelation. It is up to us to grasp it.