VIDEO: Pleiades UFO spaceship? Slovakia .2017.

VIDEO: Pleiades UFO spaceship? Slovakia .2017.


Look at our galaxy, there are 100 billion stars.
Look at the galaxies in the universe, we can count them.
In our universe, our telescopes are capable of revealing 100 billion galaxies.
How much is in the visible universe of stars? Count them.
It’s an astronomical number.

You would have to be ultra-arrogant if you believed we were alone.
We are 25,000 light-years away from the center of our galaxy.
Our galaxy is 100,000 light years wide … in cosmic terminology it’s just a dot.
Our Milky Way may seem great, but it is quite small compared to the others.

Many people still doubt the existence of a flying saucers, but
I tell you, just wait until they appear in large quantity. Around
the entire planet will demonstrate their ability to fly, their appearance and disappearance.
In a way that confuses people into the
large extent, that no one really
understand what is happening. It has been written that the sky will „sign“. This „sign“ already seen a lot of people, but by the end of this age will see it every man of the earth and will be surprised“